Artist's Statement

Artist's Statement

What we focus on we amplify. I choose to focus on beauty. Beauty is not always beautiful. I paint about choosing to find beauty. I paint about what I want to see more than I paint about what it  is that I actually see. I record the present so that each painting will document the past while having an eye towards a future and a hope. I always paint about hope.

I am often asked and I enjoy talking about the experience and the meaning behind my work. My hope is that when you see my work something within you responds. With that resonance the art becomes yours and what I was thinking no longer matters. The painting is then your story.

Having said that I am still happy to tell you what was happening in my life when I painted each series of work.

The Beach Glass Series was painted on the beach during a personal crisis. The Knitting Series was an act of love, painted when one of my children was very ill. The Bountiful Series threw a fist in the face of despair. The Butterfly Series was about loss and recovery. The Dreams Series just fell out of my head and in retrospect made a lot of sense. The Quilting Series is about creating and recreating a life. These paintings are named for people I love and admire. The Angels Series I can’t really speak about. Those paintings speak for themselves. I am currently painting about the human heart.

Making art is as essential as breathing for me. It is my continual expression of prayer and belief in a loving God.  Making art is how I embrace the chaos of the world without trying to control it.  I paint what I feel, see and experience while focusing on the love. It is, in the end, all about the love. I hope that you find it in my work. I put it there for you.


- Maureen Claffy, 2015





The School of The Art Institute of Chicago, Certificate of Painting (2007-2014)

Atelier Studies and Private Instruction, Dublin, Ireland (2005-2006)

The American Academy of Art, Chicago, Illinois (1987-1989)

University of Illinois, B.A. English Literature & French (1982-1986)

L’Universite d’Aix-Marseille III, Aix-en-Provence, France, D.E.U.G Studies in Lettres Modernes (1984-1985)


2007, Hinsdale Center for the Arts, Enchanted Show

2010, The University Club of Chicago, March Members Show

2011, The House Beautiful Pink Show, Chicago, IL, Finalist

2011, The Blackbird Gallery, Chicago, IL, Solo Show, “Bountiful: Images on Gratitude and Attitude in Challenging Times"

2011, The Hinsdale Public Library, Hinsdale, IL “Art and Motherhood”

2013, The Mothers’ Day Art Show Solo Exhibition, Hinsdale, IL

2013, The Hinsdale Fine Art Fair, Hinsdale, IL Honorable Mention

2013, The Glenview Art League Art Fair, Glenview, IL Excellence Award

2013, The Oakbrook Invitational Art Fair, Oak Brook, IL Artistic Merit Award

2013, The Ravenswood Art Walk, Chicago, IL, Featured Artist

2013, The One of a Kind Show, Chicago, IL, Juried Fine Art Participant

2014 The Mothers’ Day Art Fair, Solo Exhibition, Hinsdale, IL

2014 The 57th Street Art Fair, Hyde Park, IL, Juried Participant

2014 The Gold Coast Art Fair, Chicago, IL Juried Participant

2014 The Lakeview Art Fair, Chicago, IL Juried Participant