Recent Work




Personal transformation is a magical and private experience that can be quite painful even when it is attended to by Love. “The Seed Series” is a reflection on the gift of destruction and loss. I paint with the intention of always finding beauty, even in the ugly and the painful.  The month of April 2017 was exceptionally challenging as I watched my greatest fears become reality.  I also became acutely aware of the earth being watered with rain and moving back to life.  Seeds cracked open and even the nutrients of their casings were consumed in pushing up the new. Over a twelve day period I painted in a furious attempt at my own liberation from pain that was caused by lack of belief, refusal to forgive and anger.  Surrender to love as the driving force of the Universe brought new life that is powerful and yet fragile, precious and potent with miracles. In the end, which is really the beginning, our souls are beautiful and fragrant with the newness of the sacred. “The Seed Series” is a visual, physical memory and document of this journey.