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"Mom, it's Amazon".

So, I visited New Orleans this past August where my oldest daughter Mary-Margaret was living.

Saturday morning, we were lying on her bed looking at the ceiling and talking. I had a problem with no solution in sight. I wanted to bring to market a product I had perfected: “Sending You Love Notes” which are blank note cards with my original art.

 I told Mary about my opportunities, options and challenges. Her answer was simple. She said “Mom, it’s Amazon”.

 I knew instantly that she was right. I love Amazon, I buy just about everything on Amazon. So, that became the focus and the dream.

 I found out immediately why not everyone does it.

 It is hard.

You have to read and read and read and read and read and watch videos and more videos and you better get it right or you could be in big trouble…as in suspended from selling on Amazon FOREVER. There are like a million YouTube videos and a entire subculture around this online retail giant. You submit your passport and bank documents. You can’t call anyone to ask a question and email is tricky. It seemed as if they hid those contact links after a certain part in the process.

So I kept reading. Then I started experimenting. Then I started believing.

I came to visualize Amazon’s massive operations and multiple locations. I wanted to fit in flawlessly to their huge automated factories my first time out. My goal was to not have my shipment returned. I was successful. I am grateful.

 Now I am thinking that really wasn’t so hard. Then I remember it kind of was.

It was so strange. I felt like I was pushing a truck up a hill. Then slowly all of the pieces came together and then I was shipping my product to Amazon to be part of their FBA program. Then I watched online as my merchandise was received and approved. 

FBA is the miraculous program where you ship Amazon your product and they distribute it for you. Yes storage, packaging, labeling and free shipping for a reasonable fee. I was in Prime. I am in Prime. Now the real beauty of marketing and getting seen on Amazon and beyond begins. 

The experience wouldn't have been complete without a magical moment of Christmas clarity standing in my living room where I came to believe that God created Amazon just for me in this moment in time. It truly is an American miracle of Democracy and the free market and I plan to be in service to Love through it. Huge pond, little fish. Please keep me in your prayers. You will be in mine.

 With Love Always, Maureen

Here is the link if you want to check out the note cards for purchase. Thank you for considering it. I hope they bring you joy!