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My hope is that when you see my work something within you responds. With that resonance the art becomes yours. The painting is then your story. 


Original Fine Art

In the strongest way original artwork carries its own energy and serves as a talisman and a visual reminder of all of the beautiful possibilities in life.


Giclée Prints

Collect Museum Quality, Limited Edition giclee prints of  original work on canvas which are personally signed and numbered by the artist.


Custom Commissions

A soulful collaboration between artist and collector, a commissioned piece of original art serves as a personal mission statement 


The Love Intention

A visual celebration of love for both individuals to return to limitless times in reverence, encouragement and joy, and as a roadmap  to love.




Maureen Claffy, Fine Artist

Maureen Claffy, Fine Artist

What we focus on we amplify.

I choose to focus on beauty. What is beautiful changes the world for the better and yet beauty is not always beautiful. I paint about choosing to find beauty.

I paint about what I want to see, more than I paint about what it is that I do see. I paint what is behind the veil of this world. I record the present so that each painting will then document the past while having an eye towards a future and a hope.

I always paint about hope.

Hope is multi-faceted and one of my great hopes is that when you see my work something within you responds. With that resonance the art becomes yours and what I was experiencing no longer matters. The painting is then your story. And your story is important.

I believe that we choose the lives we live and that each of us incarnated with a mission to accomplish on this earth. Every person being awake to their mission is vital to the evolution of human consciousness and a more just society. My mission is to make art that speaks to the world of a loving God. The driving force of the Universe is a loving God and when I make art—which I aim to do every day—that love flows through me. The original works, and to a different degree all reproductions of my work, carry that loving energy.

Making art is as essential as breathing for me.

It is my continual expression of belief in Love. Making art is how I embrace the chaos of the world without trying to control it. I paint what I feel, see and experience while focusing on the Love. It is, in the end, all about the Love. I hope that you find it in my work. I put it there for you.

With Love,
Maureen Claffy, 2017