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A sacred union between two individuals is commemorated in original, commissioned art. The work is sometimes a surprise gift from one individual to another as a reminder of why they are loved. At other times, it is collaboration between the couple and the artist and the wedding work is created as a visual reminder of why each chose the other and their vision for a life together. Original commissioned artwork starts at $4000 for a piece that measures 36in by 50in please contact Maureen for further information and a complimentary consultation.


What to Expect when you commission "The Love Intention"

You can expect me to listen intently to everything that you say. Through listening, I am able to understand the nature of your love and connection. From what I learn by listening, I create sketches that visually capture the essence of your love.

We review images of my work so that I understand your color preferences and we determine which mediums and surfaces best translate to the vision for the work and its intended installation location. A full color miniature is approved by you before the work begins in earnest. The miniature is suitable for framing, a valuable piece in its own right.

I provide process pictures and studio visits as the work progresses. You will have opportunity to comment throughout the process and you will have very clear expectations of what will be delivered as a final piece. There are no surprises.

The process is governed by a legal contract that clarifies my obligations and provides a fair schedule of payment and delivery. I also provide framing and installation expertise. I also offer the opportunity to have the work delivered on the day of the wedding to a special location.

I paint with the intention of creating a piece of art that you can continually return to for inspiration and celebration over your commitment and shared love. It is my honor.

Maureen Claffy, Artist

Maureen Claffy, Artist

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Toni & Rob, with  The Butterfly,  a commissioned "The Love Intention" by fine artist Maureen Claffy

Toni & Rob, with The Butterfly, a commissioned "The Love Intention" by fine artist Maureen Claffy

We are truly grateful for Maureen and her creative talent! As we began our life together, we could not have asked for a more special gift for each other. We asked Maureen to paint a piece that reflected our new life and transformation together as a newly married couple. We are so inspired to hang her painting in our home as a beautiful symbol of our love!
— Toni & Rob


A Hint to "The Love Intention" Commissioning Process: